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Pepper Growing Guides

Peppers Can Be A Bit Of A Challenge At Every Part Of The Process, Especially For Those Of Us In The Pacific Northwest. Here You Will Find A Series Of Video Guides  On The Methods That Have Worked Well For Me Starting ~1000 Pepper Seeds A Year For Our Garden And Nursery. If You Are The Type Of Person Who Would Rather Read Than Watch Videos, Links Can Be Found In Each Description For The Written Form. 

How To Start Pepper Seeds

Starting Pepper Seeds Can Be A Bit More Of A Challenge Than Many Other Kinds Of Seeds. This Video Covers A Time Tested Method That We Here At PDX Peppers Have Used On Thousands Of Seeds Across Countless Varieties With Great Germination Rates! Written Guide Here

How To Transplant Peppers Seedlings

Timing When Transplanting Is Everything. Too Early And You Risk Damaging The Root Structure And Causing Transplant Shock. Too Late And You'll Have Root Bound Plants. The Finesse Of Feeding At This Early Stage Is Also Covered In This Video. Written Guide Here.

How To Feed Peppers For The Biggest Yields!

There's A Good Handful Of Myths And Misconceptions When It Comes To Feeding Peppers And What Their  Nutritional Needs Are. Take A Deep Dive With Me Into What Peppers Actually Need, But Made Simple!

Written Guide Here.

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